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Privacy Policy

The Supplier records the data requested during registration and ordering in relation to the Customer (name, address, delivery address, email address, telephone number, tax number for resellers) solely for the purpose of fulfilling the order or for recording and managing future orders. The transmission of data or release to third parties only occurs in connection with the fulfillment of orders by personnel involved in the fulfillment, such as courier companies. By accepting the order, the Supplier considers the Customer to have given their consent to data processing.

The Supplier's server may collect data related to customers, such as IP addresses, browser types, and settings. The operator creates statistical summaries from the recorded data. The outcome of these summaries can only be in statistical form, which is not suitable for linking to unique identifiers.

The Customer may request information from the Supplier regarding the handling of their data, the correction, blocking, or deletion of their data. The Customer may also seek recourse with the court if their rights related to data processing are violated in accordance with Section 22 of Act CXII of 2011. Any person may initiate an investigation with the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority on the grounds that a violation of their personal data has occurred or there is an imminent risk of such a violation. The Supplier informs the authorized party that the detailed rules governing the handling of their data are contained in the relevant legislation.

SIMPLEPAY Data Transmission Statement

I acknowledge that my personal data stored in the user database by Redflame Kft (Palóc utca 4., 1135 Budapest) will be transferred to OTP Mobil Kft (Hungária körút 17-19., 1143 Budapest) as the data processor. The data transmitted by the data controller includes the following:


email address,

telephone number,

billing address data,

shipping address data.

The nature and purpose of data processing performed by the data processor can be viewed in the SimplePay Data Management Information, which is available at the following link: